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American Financial and Tax is the industry leader in ERC Software. Or company and software design is easy to use and 100% accurate for the most complicated of ERC cases, we stand behind our claims and deliver the best, and fastest service possible.

You are now at the source for all ERC, We offer ERC checks for files that have been filed with our competitors, that means more revenue streams for you.  There are a lot of Companies and CPA’s doing ERC, did you know that almost every single one of those claims is filed with an incorrect filing? We have seen industry wide most ERC claims ran through our ERC checker are 10 to 20 percent off. We stand behind our calculations 100% to be accurate, our complex AI has solved all issues our competitors are having.

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No problem, a Non-Compete has to prove that you are hurting someone’s business, not giving them new business does not constitute hurting someone’s business in a court of law. Also because almost ever single company is not giving accurate numbers and the IRS has warned about this it becomes criminal activities and making a choice to not be involved absolves you from that contract.