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Does the idea of earning up to 20% commissions on deals that are commonly in the six or seven figures appeal to you?

We are actively looking for Referral Partners to join one of the most lucrative and easy referral programs you may never see again!

We specialize in matching free government programs to qualified individuals and business owners that pay out massive tax credits, cash grants, and other incentives!

The types of programs that put $50,000… $100,000… up to $1 million or more in their pocket!

Programs you have probably already heard of — Paycheck Protection Program, Employee Retention Credit, R&D Credit, Disaster Relief funding, and MORE.

There are millions of people out there who could benefit from these programs TODAY.

But we can’t reach every homeowner and business owner in the country.

We need your help.


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What do I have to do?

Think about the people you know.

Could you ask them a simple question — would they like to put an extra ten grand or more in their pocket?

Who wouldn’t say yes!

And by the way… Some programs pay $250,000 or more!

We’ll help you identify the people in your life who would probably qualify — it’s easier than you think!

Does that sound simple enough? Do you think you could do that, especially if we help you and guide you step-by-step?


Even if you’re the most shy person who can’t even look at yourself in the mirror while you brush your teeth…

You got this!!


I’m no Expert

You do NOT need:

This is not an MLM or Ponzi scheme. It’s completely legal, low key, requires very little effort, and offers BIG potential paydays!

If you’re looking for a side hustle, this is the PERFECT SIDE HUSTLE.

Simply be willing to talk to the people you already talk to in your everyday life!


Why partner with us?

We are the only program in the country that has our own software written by a CPA that simplifies and streamlines the application process.

This is HUGE!!

Because if you have looked into promoting other programs that specialize in government tax credit programs, you already know that the common complaint is they take MONTHS to process applications.

By that time, the program has dried up and there are no more funds available!!

No funds means, you guessed it, no referral fees for you!

But the worst part — the person you referred LOSES OUT. They get nothing even though they qualified!!

Our system is completely different!!

  • We created the software that automatically scores and qualifies your referral
  • They get placed in the right program with the greatest benefits $$$
  • Our application process is a simple conversation over the phone with friendly, supportive people who care about them
  • Our specialists do this all day long, every day of the week and they love to answer questions
  • We process applications without delay!!
  • Your referral receives their funds

How much will I get paid?

You’ll earn 20% commission on every application that gets processed.

You’re going to be amazed when you receive a payment for $5,000… $10,000… $20,000…

Our highest commission yet was $86,000!!!!

…for having a conversation with someone and telling them they are leaving money on the table.

Who do you know that would pass up free money they already qualify for? BIG MONEY.

There’s MORE

When your referral applies and receives their funding, and you receive your commission…

Everyone is going to be REALLY EXCITED.

They’re going to ask you about this program and how THEY can be a referral partner.

And here’s where you’re probably thinking,

What’s the catch?

With any other program, if you bring them in, you get a big fat donut.


Maybe ‘thanks’… if you’re “lucky”.


We keep saying, Our program is BETTER!

When you bring in a referral —

You’ll get another BIG BONUS that no other program is offering:

Anyone you refer as a partner, and they sign up and mention you, you will receive 10% commission on any referrals they bring that become clients.

That’s right — 10% on EVERY referral they bring.

For simply introducing them to our program and becoming clients.

They will essentially be ‘under’ you, so any money that flows through their referral account, you’ll receive 10%

They will still get their 20% commission.

And you don’t even need to train them! You make the introduction and that’s it! Your work is done.

This is not multilevel; it is a two-tier commission structure.

Everybody wins

This is a WIN – WIN – WIN for EVERYONE!

Especially the business owners and individuals who are receiving the massive tax credits they probably didn’t even know about!

What are you waiting for! This is the most ZERO RISK, HIGH REWARD program you have probably ever heard about.

Get in now, sign up today!

Can’t wait to greet you and get started on YOUR first referral!

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