CPAs and Financial Advisors

If you’re here, you know about federal programs that provide tax credits, grants, forgivable loans and other incentives.

Maybe you’ve had a client or two who asked you to file their application.

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It’s a confusing maze

Maybe you have tried to do one of those ridiculously complex applications.

It’s a labyrinth of conflicting information and research you have to do, isn’t it.

We have had many CPA partners who gave up after the first application, or called us mid-way through to refer their clients.

Not worth it

It just isn’t worth your time.

Weeks spent on one application at the expense of all your other clients!

What if you could offload qualified clients and keep a percentage of every deal they qualified for?

20% commission just for sending us the referral…

Now THAT’s good accounting!

Call the experts

We are experts in this field.

We will care for your clients as if they are family.

In less time than you could even process their application!

You owe it to your clients — and yourself — to investigate this further and see why we are the #1 provider in this space.

We literally wrote the software

We are the only company who wrote the software.

One of our founders is a CPA.

Everything we do is completely legal, ethical and for the benefit of the client.

Your client pays absolutely nothing upfront, just a percentage of the money they receive.

Let’s talk today.

We’ll answer all your questions and get started helping your clients.

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