Referral Partners

We are the leading provider of matching people with free government funding and we are actively looking for Referral Partners that fit one of 3 Main categories:

Become a Referral Partner

You are looking for the side hustle, a way to make extra money? We have the perfect opportunity. Very little effort with big potential payouts.

CPAs and Financial Advisors

to Business Owners, Non-Profits, Universities, and more. You are in a unique position to see if a company has employees, needs tax credits, and perhaps you’re aware of federal programs they qualify for — but you don’t want the hassle of applications that can take weeks of your time.

Software Solutions

Yes that’s right! If you are a company just like us that’s matching individuals and business owners to free government funding, we’d like to share our software with you to DOUBLE your application processing rate overnight, and 10x your revenue!