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A Message to Our Competitors

You know the billions of dollars that are available in the form of tax credits, government grants, forgivable loans, and other incentives — freely available to those who qualify.

You’re probably overwhelmed with leads and have found yourself making restrictions like.

And so on.

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Are You Making Tough Choices?

Let’s be honest.

You have had to make these tough choices because you’re realized a few hard truths about your business —

You’re completely OVERWHELMED with no end in sight.

Just to survive, you have started to make massive cuts to your operation.

It’s a Plan to Fail

Sorry to give you a blunt truth…

But that’s just a plan to lose money.

Where’s the sense in that???

If you keep going like this, you’re going to lose it all.

We’re the competition but this pie is so MASSIVE and UNENDING… we can’t possibly serve everyone in our lifetime.

We help you and we all win.

Your CLIENT wins!!


Get Some Help

How about getting some help that lets you keep everything you have, scale it in a way that takes LESS office staff than you have now, and triples or quadruples your profits?

What if you could make EVERY referral profitable for your business?

What if we could simplify your intake, onboarding, and processing times to be a FRACTION of what they are now.

With far less overhead and time commitment.

We created a software that AUTOMATICALLY matches your lead with the government program they qualify for.

The interview is an easy question & answer that anyone can do over the phone.

Then the software processes the application and sends it.

If you’ve been spending weeks to get applications processed, you are losing BIG MONEY!

We’ll provide our software on a white label basis so your client is completely unaware of our brand.

You keep the relationship for future funding!

Just to recap, we’re offering you —

No more ANGRLY clients.

Ugly Truth Time

Here’s an ugly truth.

We said earlier we can’t serve everyone, and that’s true.

But when word gets out that you’re slashing and running because your operation is out of control…

Who do you think they’re going to run to?

The guys with the software who have a billion reviews talking about how FAST they got PAID.

We would rather help you because we think it’s a win for everyone.

That’s our preferred way to go.

But if you want to send your business to us, well, that’s your business.

If you’re SMART in business and want a white label partner who can quadruple your bottom line…

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